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Summer blossom at Kenwood House.

Time if of the essence. It’s hard to find the time to sit down these days.

I decided I would use the summer blossoms at Kenwood House as a backdrop for some photos. I love the scenery that surrounds Kenwood House. It is serene and beautiful.
On this trip, I wanted to snap some photos in my summer blossom dress.

Of course, while shooting we were spotted and told that we needed permission to take photos in the parks.I know this from my previous editorial work.

I was hoping being sneaky would work and we could get some great shots. I carried the work around my house until I could get more. There are actually two identical looking locations I got to use.

To inspire the use of summer blossoms in your wardrobe, I wore my summer blossom dress. I saw it in the store and the vibrant blue caught my eye. Blue is my favorite color.

When I went to purchase it, the shop assistant told me such a big dress is like a duve. I find it perfect for a slim frame. It gives structure and curves, which is a challenge for us slim and skinny girls.

The dress is Jonathan Saunders, my nude heels is Stelle, clutch L. Credi and sunglass Emilio Pucci. My belt is too, but it isn’t actually a belt! I took the chain from the clutch, tied it around my waist, and voila!

It is a perfect look for garden parties or weddings.

Remember when you are creating your look, there is no rule to follow. Being creative and doing something that others wouldn’t think of will make you stand out brilliantly. Just have fun, explore, and crack the code on your summer blossom look!

Photos: Gyula Lovaszi


1 Response
  • Ellie
    27 . 06 . 2016

    Absolutely love the coordination.. Amazing colours and taste in fashion.. Love checking your blogs ! Keep up the amazing work

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