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Best Skincare Product: Su-Man

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for the best skincare product for your skin.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try Su-Man facial in Urban-Retreat and it is now on the top of my list of best skincare products.

We all use trial and error when it comes to what we use on our faces to find what works best. Being a well-known and loved line of products, I had to try it!

Su-Man uses Asian and Western culture to create her treatments. She was tired of creams and lotions that did not work. When I asked her where she actually learned the skill?

She said “Being part of a large family you learn everything from your older siblings”.

Therefor I have to come up with something new. By starting mixing natural ingredients herself, she came up with amazing product. She looks like women a in her 30th. Her passion for the beauty of the body has paid off and she is sharing it with us.

This is probably why the best skincare products are Su-Man’s skincare line. It is perfect for bride to be.

I started off trying the products for a week. I already had a number one favourite skincare line, but I gave this a shot. She has a skincare line of 6 products with the main ingredient being dragon’s blood.

This sticky sap is derived from the Sangre de Drago tree. It has protective, regenerative and anti-aging properties. Here is my take on each product in the line.

Cleansing Gel-Oil:

Works great to take off thick makeup and cleanses the skin at the same time. You use it in the morning and evening. Main ingredients are rose hip oil and dragon’s blood.

Exfoliating Facial Polish:

If you love facial polish then you will love this! It is made up of coffee beans, came-camu and dragon’s blood. You use it only once or twice a week. This is my favourite because the grains are a nice medium size, not too small and it has a great sense of grounded coffee!

Rehydrating Toning Essence:

The main ingredients are hyaluronic acid to plump the skin, rose petal and green tea for calming. It is a refreshing step to ad to your skincare routine.

Brightening Serum:

Use this under the moisturizer before you big day. It is not thick so it easily penetrates into the skin deeper layer. Main ingredients are tranexematic acid and dragon blood extract.

Velvet Skin Moisturiser:

It’s velvety smooth peachy colour. Suman special tips: when you applying this product you have to carry down to your neckline and decollate.

Eye Cream:

Contains spirulina extract with peptide eyeliss and is off-white color. Apply it with a patting movement around the eye area.

If you want to find a great new skincare product that will regenerate and keep your skin healthy and young for the wedding, try Su-Man. I am sure you will find at least 3 main products, which will suit your skin.

Click here to buy the product.


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