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Identify Your Body Siluette

This year, The New York Times printed an article about Mattel unveiling the new curvy, petite, and tall versions of the classic Barbie that we grew up trying in vain to emulate. Some years ago, when Sports Illustrated’s 50th-anniversary edition showed a Supermodel Barbie on its cover, it created an uproar. Fashion illustrator are still presenting women siluette in fashion magazine and book covers unrealistically skinny. How could little girls possibly have a positive body image when hardly any of us could hope to grow up to look like Christie Brinkley? More recently, Curvy Barbie made the cover of Time Magazine. We’re making progress. After generations of real girls dressing their Barbie dolls, real women have scant idea of why they hate the way they look in clothes. But if we learn to recognize our body siluette, the mystery unravels. Understanding your body is the key to looking good, even great, in the dressing room. When things are visually symmetrical, they look balanced. Because visual balance and harmony please the eye, we find those attributes attractive. Perception of divine symmetry as relates to the female body shape is in our DNA. Some things just “look right.” We can inspire you to feel your best by learning to dress for your siluette. So, let’s take a look at the possibilities. And no matter which body type you are, you can find a movie star to emulate.


The with of the hips is approximately at the same level as the shoulder but with inward curve at the waist. Celebrity inspiration is Scarlett Johansson.


the hips are wider than the shoulders, but with a defined waist (36-26-40). Your inspiration for this body shape is Beyonce.


the torso is wilder and/or full with little or no waist definition (34-36-34). Catherine Zeta-Jones sometime could looks like on hourglass silutte but in reality she is on apple shape.

Inverted Triangle

You are broader at the shoulders than they are the hips (38-26-34). Your inspiration for this body type is Michelle Williams.

Rectangle or column siluette

They are similar measurements of the waist, hips, and shoulders (36-34-36). Your inspiration – Natalie Portman.

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