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Styling Pear Shape Body

The lovely feminine curves of a pear shape body can be tailored for work or put on display.

  • Tailored work clothes are particularly attractive on pears.
  • Dress trousers with pleats, a defined waist, and full legs, matched with a tailored jacket.
  • Boho-bell sleeves and necklines that pull off the shoulders look particularly good with a full, flirty dress.
  • Lush curves are on delightful display in a column with a high slit and an intricate or unusual neckline. A jeweled belt will take it up several notches.
  • Or keep your shoulders bare and gather a hand-dyed silk sarong into a halter.
  • Match with jeweled heels and everyone who looks at you wants to go to the islands.
  • Looking for some new wedding styles for the season?

Wide-legged pants.

They make your legs look miles long and can be tailored for work or dressed for play.
Wide-legged dress pants in ivory chiffon or velvet can be the structure behind your entire wedding look.
Love your curves and enjoy being a girl!

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