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Baby is Cold Outside

Ready to wear something fabulous to your holiday parties but it’s just way too cold? Here in London and in my native country of Romania, we’re full-speed ahead into winter weather.

Baby, is cold outside!

Here are some suggestions for Christmas party wear that are sure to make you look and feel like a real celebrity, no matter how fierce it gets outside.

First, lets talk about color: Festive colors of the holidays are all about reds, greens, golds, and of course, black. Why wear a plain black dress if this is the time of year when you can celebrate the colors of the season and look like you’re ready for the red carpet? As for me, I love all shades of the color red — the brighter, the better.So here is some great party wear that will make you shine like a star in any winter storm.

The Dress:

Make a grand entrance at any Christmas party with this shoulder-less red gown. Simple and elegant in its cut, yet stunning and attention-grabbing, the dress brings back the glamour of 1940s Hollywood films. In the front, the top features a flap that layers over a form-fitting bodice. The result is a classic look that provides the dress with a sleek, slenderizing effect — which is absolutely essential when you’re center-stage. In the back, both sides of the bodice flap meet at the zipper line. The waist is cinched, and drops into a long, form-fitting skirt with an inward-folding flap in the back.

The Shoes:

Some stylists wouldn’t agree with me, but I rarely match my shoes with my bag. For this look, I chose black heels. The neutral color of the black shoes balances out the brilliance of the dress, and coordinates well with other aspects of my look. The black heels can be worn with any of a number of formal dresses. Just slip on those heels, and you’re ready to go.

The Bag:

I picked myself up a little gold clutch from TK-Maxx that caught my eyes because the details are so refined. The raised work of the purse makes it look like it’s crocheted in gold. It’s adorned with silver-colored jewels, complimenting the neutral texture of the dress.

The Black Coat:

It can be a real challenge combining your ball gown with the right coat. I usually go for a black coat: Black is practical and works with almost any bright color. Plus, a coat is expensive, and you need to choose a color that’s easy to combine with any outfit. In this case, the black contrasts sharply with the bright color of my gown. And if it’s as cold outside this time of year where you are as it is in my native Romania, you want to be wrapped up and ready for the sub-freezing temperatures. The coat I am wearing here is a fitted military look with gold buttons. The coat’s military theme, reminiscent of World War II, goes along with the 1940s-style fishnet veil I’m wearing. I tucked the ends of the veil under my hair to form a wispy bow that matches the color of my shoes. I chose to wear my hair in a smooth, knotted bun, again to showcase the dress.

The spiral starburst pin in my hair consists of raised gold with silver accents, and coordinates nicely with the gold-worked clutch. Both the veil and the gold pin are from Portobello Market/London. So baby, when it’s cold outside, — whether it’s foggy and damp like in London, or sub-freezing and snowy like a Romanian winter — don’t miss a beat. Have a Happy Christmas looking like a movie star from Hollywood’s golden age. Wrap up, take on the elements by storm, and don’t miss out on a single Christmas party!

Photo Credit

Outfit: coat Stylist Own, dress Jarlo, shoes Renatta, fishnet & hairpin Portobello Market, clutch TK-Maxx.


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