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Inverted Triangle Siluette

There are 14% of women who have an inverted triangle siluette. Just a quick recap of what it means to have on inverted triangle siluette? The top part of your body is larger than the bottom. Typically, your tops are a bigger size when compared to your bottoms.

Your shoulders are wider than your hips. The proportion of your bust is considerably large when compared to the rest of your body. You have small hips. If you are among these women, then you share the same body siluette as Naomi Campbell, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, and Catherine Zeta-Jones (just to name a few). An inverted triangular body shape is appealing, and those with this body shape can look good in a variety of clothing styles. Most women want to have an hourglass body siuette. Those with inverted triangle body shapes should aim to draw attention to their lower body. If you want to know how to create an hourglass figure if you have inverted triangle body, read these tips.

Upper Body:

When you are shopping for dress, try to choose this type of dress

  • Halter necks, v-necks, and scoop necks have open necklines and collars, which is ideal for your body shape.
  • Tone down your broad shoulder line by choosing dainty feminine textures like silk.
  • Shop for dress that even out your bust and hips.
  • Select strapless gown.
  • To define your waist, wear belts.

Lower Body:

If you have a triangle body shape, then you will want to create more width at your hips, which will give your body more balance. Here are some guidelines to follow when you are shopping for pants, skirts, and shorts:

  • Wear full or A-line skirts.
  • Bold textures will create more volume.
  • Wear striking shoes that will draw attention to your lower body.

What to Avoid?

If you have an inverted triangle body shape, then stay away from these items:

  • Clothing that draws attention to your shoulders such as shoulder pads.
  • Boat neck dress.
  • Oversized collars.

If you have an inverted triangle body siluette, which is also called the lollipop shape, then you are at an advantage. Woman with this body siluette who want to have an hourglass figure have many clothing options to help them achieve this look. If you want more ideas and clothing suggestions for inverted triangle body types, then contact us!

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