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Hourglass Shape Style Tips

Oh, the joys of having an hourglass body-shape. On one hand, you adore your curves, yet it can also be hard to find the right clothing to bring out your best attributes. Before you go shopping, use these hourglass body-shape style tips and tricks to accentuate the femininity of your beautiful body.

Determine If You Have an Hourglass Body-Shape

Considered as the ideal of feminine beauty, you have undoubtedly seen many celebrities with an hourglass shape. Marilyn Monroe, Salma Hayek and Charlotte Church all have hourglass figures, just to name a few. If you have an hourglass figure, you have a well-defined waist, and your hips and bust are full. Complicating matters, some women have a little extra in the middle that puts them almost into the apple body type.

Flatter Your Upper Half

The key to dressing an hourglass figure is to choose fitted pieces of clothing that hug your curves without being too clingy.Due to the increased bust size, a quality fitted bra is essential since it will push your bust upward and out. To keep from looking too bulky, skip the high necklines in favor of deep v-necks, and make sure it fit tightly at your waist. Well-tailored fitted wedding gowns also look great on your body type, just make sure to leave them open to leave a clean line down your torso.

Accentuate Your Lower Body Curves

For curvy gals, it is a beautiful thing that pencil skirts are still a classic fashion staple. Choose these over frilly miniskirts since your lower half looks best when your dress end just at the knee. For trousers, flat front boot cuts are best since the fuller bottom leg will help to balance out larger hips.

Avoid These Fashion No-Nos

The best trick for dressing your hourglass shape is to avoid gowns with excess fabric that can make your body look too bulky. The same goes for extras such as ruffles, pockets and belts that detract from your gorgeous body line. Since your body attracts enough attention, let it do the work by keeping your outfits streamlined. Embracing your curves with the right dress gives you confidence and allows your best attributes to shine. For more ideas about dressing for your body shape, contact us.

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