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Wear your grandad’s pea coat

Believe it or not, my favorite trend has always been the pea coat.

My grandfather served in the navy, and throughout his life he meticulously cared for his own pea coat and kept it ready to go in a closet.

But how exactly do you take a traditionally masculine (and military) look and make it your own?

Read on to learn more about making the pea coat a basic part of your winter wardrobe.

Granted, the global classic has been worn by men of the European and American navies for centuries.

It was first worn by the Dutch navy, and went by the term pije, which referred to a coat made from coarse wool fabric. But the pea coat’s not just for the military anymore.

Although the standard-issue military pea coat is navy blue, nowadays retailers offer it in a variety of colors — including black, red, and even denim blue.

Plus, the traditional pea coat has been a staple on the streets of Paris since it was elevated to high fashion by lauded French designer Yves Saint Laurent in the 1960s.

These days, you can find good pea coats on the high streets (Zara does some worthwhile versions, for example). And for around !£150 you can find them through L.K Bennett.

You may even be able to get them for less than £70 in on sale through House of Fraser.

You could splurge on high-end versions from the French luxury fashion houses of Sandro, Balmain or Saint Laurent. These beautifully-crafted luxury coats are expensive, but make for a wonderful investment.

Nowadays there’s no specific distinction between men’s and women’s classy pieces.

I can wear my boyfriend’s jeans, his shirt, or even a pair of his dress pants if everything’s in the laundry and there’s nothing else to wear.

However, the pea coat is the key item that pulls the entire outfit together to make a statement.

Top off that boyish look with a form-fitting pea coat and still look stunningly feminine.

As for the above picture in my post, you can see that I love to wear feminine outfits. I created a classy and ultra-feminine silhouette by pairing my Asos lace-up knee-high boots with a black jumper and skirt. I deliberately kept the outfit in black to create a more stylish effect for a night out on the town.

But don’t be timid about adding a burst of color to your outfit.

For example, when you contrast a sophisticated, monochromatic look with a brightly colored handbag and other accessories, you can create a fun day outfit.

I purchased this coat for the bargain price of £45 at Zara. But the beauty of the classic pea coat is that you can’t tell what price I paid — especially if you pair the coat up with an original Birkin bag.

And here are a couple of little side notes. I always buy my winter outfit at the end of a sale.

This gives you two fashion advantages:

First, if you wait until an end-of-season close-out, you’re not going to run into women who get exactly the same item when they buy a pea coat from Zara at the start of the next winter season.

And second, when high street brands go on sale, the best is saved for last, and you pick up quality at a discounted price.

With a pea coat styled into a feminine outfit like this one, you know you’ll always be looking trendy, fabulous, and like a million bucks — no matter what you paid.

So whether your pea coat has spent time on the high streets or the high seas, get ready to own the look!

Photos: Gyula Lovaszi

Outfit: coat Zara, skirt H&M, bag Hermes, boots Asos, hat Ebay.


1 Response
  • Mary M
    17 . 03 . 2017

    Such a cool look, I love the boots so much! You have such an amazing style, I’m glad I discovered your blog.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Mary x

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