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Styling Challenge: Chic Client Inspiration

Best parts of my profession is helping clients solve their styling challenges, and providing inspiration. It is what I love to do most, and my favorite part of the experience is seeing how much difference clothing can make for someone. When a woman is well-dressed and feels comfortable, it shines through. Recent client of mine reached out to me about a week ago, and requested that she need a look for her: that best suited her body shape. It needed to be flattering, chic and budget-friendly – a styling challenge I happily accepted.

So what is Personal Styling?

Busy womens rarely have time to put together complicated looks. I try to style from a holistic perspective so that they can use the inspiration time and time again effortlessly. My client was a super busy makeup artist, and mother to a lovely 5-year-old daughter. This meant that her lifestyle was dictated by a crazy schedule of both work and school. She needed something was simple and stylish so the outfit could work in both contexts.

With that in mind, I ascertained that she had an apply body shape, which meant most of her weight was centered around the hips. That understanding, coupled with her preference for loose tops and her size led me to create this outfit for her. I used current trends to come up with this simple and chic look, and added some funky accessories to give the look a little twist.Designed for a fun weekend out.

Create a look on what is currently Trending.

The top is an oversized white shirt, layered with a grey jumper. The jumper is extremely versatile, especially for apple-shaped bodies, and will look great unbuttoned and accessorized with a fun belt. In order to keep the outfit stylish, I shied from using too many accessories and distractions, instead I picked one element – the belt, and used the rest of the outfit as a canvas for it. The grey jumper also has some interesting cutout detailing, which keeps it from being bland and staying on-trend and casually chic. The belt is a great trend to capitalize on, and I wanted to use something distinctive that would make her outfit memorable wherever she went out on the weekend.

The bottom half was easy, I chose a pair of black trousers with a skinny fit to complement the boxiness of the sweater and give the outfit more structure. She already owns a pair like this, so it means less shopping for her. A large part of styling is working with what clients already own, and using those pieces to create new and fresh looks. Not only does it keep it budget-friendly for them, but every stylist loves a styling challenge with pre-owned items. For the rest the outfit, I chose trendy fishnet and added some metallic-jacquard slippers from Zara. Since any outfit is incomplete without a purse, I added a crocodile printed box bag since it is both stylish and practical.Paired with mirrored sunglasses, this look is weekend-ready and easy to replicate.

The Styling Challenge.

Often clients will give hard and fast parameters for spending, so it is always interesting to put together looks that stay within limits. In this case, my client was very clear about what she wanted to spend on each piece. For the top, it was anywhere between £10-50 top. The trousers were capped between £60-£150. For accessories, the max was £50, and the shoes could range between £10-50. With that mind, a total breakdown of the outfit cost-wise is provided. There is also information on where it was purchased from in case you want to replicate the look. Styling challenges may seem overwhelming, but with the right look and attitude, you can create a look that truly stands out of the crowd.

Photos: Gyula Lovaszi

Outfit: shirt H&M £19.99,  jumper Zara £29.99, belt Zara £17.99, shoes £29.99, sunglass Primark  £5, bag Primark £9, tights Monsoon £5


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