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Tease In Spring with Ruffle Mania and Sheers!

Spring is coming! It’s revealing itself bit by bit, combining form-fitting sheers with Ruffle Mania. In fact, ruffles and frills are just about everywhere this season, with a particular focus on sleeves.

First, let’s talk about season changes. The warm weather this weekend in London was a total tease. In fact, this was the first weekend in a long time that it was above 50 degrees. I wouldn’t say that it was “warm,” but crisp blue skies, a blustery wind, and a bit of sun definitely made it look like spring was getting ready to make its grand entrance. Well, almost.

I say, tease back.

While the spring season is deciding when to make its total reveal, nothing works better during this uncertain transitional phase than a great knit combo. And when I saw this gorgeous ruffled-sleeve sweater in H&M, I just had to have it.

In fact, I wore this very look on my shopping trip last weekend. You know you’re on the right track when people actually stop to gaze at your fresh, quirky new style. This look combines the smooth lines of form-fitting jeans with the softness of a ruffled pink knit.

So why go knit?

I wear knitwear about 90% of the year. And a knit classic is both cozy and practical. Plus, the romantic trend of Ruffle Mania is just perfect for me.

In fact, I’m all about ruffles and feminine fits for spring. So while I’m not exactly ready to break out the spring dresses, this lightweight, ruffle-sleeved sweater gives me all the feeling and hope of the beautiful warm weather that is yet to come.

Going sheer:

Here’s the challenge. How can you pull off the combination of a sheer clothing piece with ruffles and knit? My ruffled sweater ends in a defined waist, allowing just a bit of sheer black fabric to peak out, between my hip-length jeans and my knit combo.

The little black dress I wear under the knit is from Kooples. And to create a funky, on-the-go look, just add denim and a small bag will a long strap to wear across your body. I chose a bag with a striking, gold-colored chain that adds a touch of brilliance to the look.

You can try adding a little more color to this fashion combo by switching out the understated pink color of the sweater for a brighter, bolder, salmon tone. As for me, the color of a delicate, subtle pink always makes me feel stylish and polished, so I’ll stick with it.

A dab of denim:

You know what else makes you look like you belong on a runway? The denim. You know you have that hip-hugging pair of jeans somewhere in your wardrobe.

To come up with an absolutely killer look, combine pink ruffle with denim pants and a sheer black blouse or dress.

Tie it all up with a little black bow like the one I’m wearing here, and you’ll be good to go. Whether you’re on a date night, or just out for a casual shopping trip on the weekend, this look, laced with Ruffle Mania and sheer, is sure to turn heads!

The weather’s still making up its mind? Embrace the change, no matter how much spring hesitates in the wings before making its final entrance.

Ruffle Mania arrives this spring in so many ways. You’ll see everything from sweaters with ruffled sleeves to classic ruffled blouses inspired by ages past.

So contrast the frills with denims and sheers to an extra touch a class to Ruffle Mania this year — and as for spring, bring it on!

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