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Wardrobe Detox & Minimalist Style

If you have ever aspired to achieve the sleek, timeless, minimalist’s look (think Angelina Jolie or the Olsen twins), but lost momentum when staring into your pattern packed closet or better yet, lost momentum when staring at your attempt.

A reflection in your mirror, at a look that appeared more “blah” than “cool and classic”…then this post is for you. It’s time for a wardrobe detox.

Minimalism is a look that never goes out of style.

It relies on pairing monochromatic basics, reducing the headache of “matching” and simplifying the “what to wear” dilemma.

I know it can come off as boring and unremarkable when mere mortals try to mimic the trend.

Not to mention, the overwhelming task of tackling a closet that still includes a favorite cocktail dress from your college holiday formal, an old boyfriend’s sweatshirt.

How about the 18 pairs of jeans ranging from size 2 to size 10 (when you have actually worn a size 6 for the last 2 years), would drive anyone to the brink of insanity.

Therefore, you continue to cram it with more and more useless pieces each season (the studded, fringe top that looked good on the mannequin, stilettos that you can’t walk 10 steps in, the neon skinny jeans that would make Kate Moss look like she weighs at least 150 pounds…) and watch the madness multiply without ever bringing yourself to throw anything out, much less organize the clutter.

If you have reached this point, we feel you. However, don’t lose hope on your dream of mastering minimalism just yet. Even the closets that bear a closer resemblance to that of a fashion landfill, can be tamed. It’s a dirty job, but unavoidable.

Start with your closet.

It’s not as scary as you think if you start with the mindset of “what to keep” versus “what to toss”. First, you will need to clear everything out. Every! Thing! Once you reach ground zero, decide on items that you can not live without. A good rule is to keep the number of items at 30 seasonal pieces per 3 months.

In other words, decide on what you must have out of your current collection for this season only.

Keep in mind, the minimalist relies on minimal use of color and patterns.

Black, tan, white and gray should be the colors used as your wardrobe’s foundation.

Then, in 3 separate containers, box up items that you absolutely cannot part with for the remaining 3 seasons of the year.

Finally, whatever is left is the “toss” pile. Divide these items into “what someone else might like to wear” (buh-bye electric-neon skinny jeans) and “what no one would or should wear. ever.” (buh-bye college boyfriend’s fraternity tee with the sleeves cut off).

Trash the latter pile.

Embrace Minimalist.

Now, for the more fun part.

The items that someone might enjoy can be sold for quick cash that translates into a few, quality. Think quality over quantity: that’s the minimalist’s mantra. Preferably all-seasonal, pieces that will work hard to pull together the streamlined, simplistic, and effortless minimalist style.

To truly master minimalism, go for monochromatic tones throughout the year, and add flavor by incorporating a variety of accessories (sashes, belts, jewelry, scarves) to pull together your look.

Draw inspiration from celeb styles featured by your favorite minimalists in fashion magazines (hello infinity scarves).

You can also get surprisingly dramatic results by mixing up textures (cotton, linen, wool, satinish, among other fabrics, create stark contrasts when paired together, that are essential to the fashion-forward minimalist).

Remember less is more.

Although, cementing this concept into your newly-simplified fashion conscious will likely take some practice, it will be well worth it when you open the door to a closet that would make Martha Stewart proud.

Picking out an outfit is no longer a two hour affair, and perhaps most importantly, you look into the mirror. You see a reflection of perfectly pulled-together minimalism that is actually what you had in mind when you first aspired to become the cool, sleek minimalist.


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