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Gucci Inspired Embellished Wool

I’ve always been captivated by London’s rich, aristocratic history. It’s left its mark on the British landscape with its castles, luxurious gardens and sprawling green lawns.

We visit this site fairly often — but every time I go, I find something new. Although the location’s one of my favorites, executing the shoot was a bit of a logistical challenge. Nonetheless, it was just the place to get amazing shots of this Gucci-inspired, embellished wool sweater.

You’ll recall that mixing pieces from different cultures is one of my specialties. The truth is, I’m very much drawn to the notion of multiculturalism in fashion. I blend elements from numerous cultures and historical periods whenever I can.

Capturing the countryside:

I specifically wanted to capture the site’s country setting with this look. In the kitchen photp, you can see the quaint ceramic canisters lining the shelves behind me. And I made sure I brought along my basket tote bag to coordinate with the kitchen’s rustic look.

Playing in the palace:

Now here’s the fun part: Preparations for an Easter egg hunt were going on when we visited the site. We’d be walking around, gazing at historic oil paintings and classical statues. Then we’d find a bunny next to the mirror in the grand hall or Easter eggs spread throughout the reading room. So the anticipation of such a joyful, celebratory event in the midst of subdued opulence gave me yet another contrast to play with.

About the outfit: a play in contrasts

I wanted a shoot that highlights my Gucci-inspired, embellished wool sweater to be modern and traditional at the same time. The bright, saturated blue of each piece of clothing contrasts with the oil paintings on the wall in the second photo. And let’s not forget the brightness of the classical statues and gold decoration that lighten up the background.

I’ve actually had my eye on this embellished wool sweater ever since the original appeared at the 2016 Gucci show. I was sure I would find an amazing high street version. And I was right. Now I can usher in Easter with the fuchsia flowers emblazoned on the front of the sweater and at the elbows. And what’s more appropriate for heralding in springtime than the surprising image of a green lizard?

Styling with a twist:

I always like to add an unexpected twist to my styling. In this case I use a classic jean-and-jacket combo that is one of the hallmarks of contemporary Western culture. Each article of clothing shares the same hue and saturation, from the blue sweater down to the shoes. The basket tote bag ties in with the rustic setting, and the blue portion of the bow matches the outfit precisely. The fuchsia part of the bow also coordinates with the embroidered flowers. Lastly, my turquoise ring brings out the bluish-green of the lizard.

Sun and shadow:

To be honest, I was a bit surprised when we uploaded the picture. The rooms are kept darker so that the oil paintings don’t get damaged by the sunlight. So we couldn’t help but note that the background has a moody feel to it with just a hint of drama. As a result, my outfit provides a playful burst of blue.

On a final note: May these pictures inspire you to immerse yourself in the surprises and contrasts that come with spring. Embrace the old with the new. Celebrate the blend of cultures and colors around you.

I hope you enjoy my style edit of this Gucci-inspired, embellished wool jumper. Now here’s the challenge: Can you guess where we shot these photos? If you recognize the venue, go ahead and comment on the post.

And of course, have a bright and happy Easter!


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