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Best Ways to Style With Gold

By now you’ve probably caught word of my resent romantic holiday in Paris with my better-half. But beyond being together in the city of love, we were venturing through one of the first fashion capitals of the world! So not only was the sight-seeing such an inspiration, it was inevitable for the trip itself to spark my inner fashionista. That’s why I’m bringing you this second roundup of my stay in Paris. Aside from my gorgeous black and white look, I also rocked a stunning gold style that’s simple yet will inspire you to learn how to style with gold as well.

My fascination with the Renaissance and Louise the 14th made it obvious the Versailles Castle, with its grand appearance from the marble court to its fountain gardens, had the best scenery to capture my look. It took some time browsing the internet for pictures of the look I desired to make sure I pulled it off just right. The outcome was a perfect balance of colors as well as a modern reflection of the French Court and wealth era. Each piece of this outfit was already at my grasp in my wardrobe except for the Zara jacket I was able to find on eBay. Although each element flows together to make this outfit stand out, nothing overpowers my silk jacket. It’s combination of a grey base and golden accents easily make it the main eye-catching piece to this inspirational attire I’m wearing. Notice how it is in complete balance with my pink shoes and how it beautifully compliments my skirt.

Speaking of accessories, you can tell I love using necklaces, shoes, or a bag to add that unexpected element to my look. Sometimes it could even be an article of clothing like a coat or top from a different culture or era. In this case, you’ll notice my go-to for this gold style was the neck piece– an original American Indian necklace which I received in Camden Town.

So what can you take away from this look to help you style with gold?

Find colors that balance well with gold.

My outfit consisted of gray, pink, and white hues that balanced well with the golden details, but there are numerous other colors you can use to style with gold such as ivory, brown, and red.

Play with patterns and textures.

My silk jacket has a unique design that pairs well with the pattern and texture of my skirt. Combining different fabrics, patterns, and textures will make your golden look even bolder. You could always follow my footsteps and find images of similar ways to pull them off online before having at it yourself.

Let your surrounding inspire you.

Not only was being in the first country to make fashion a franchise a reason to enhance my style, chose my jacket just to have the sophisticated yet glamorous glow. After all, I was visiting a castle! Know your surrounding and let them guide you to whether you should dress up or dress down your gold inspired outfit.

Add some culture to the mix.

Remember that unexpected piece? Even though I was in Paris, France, I added a cultural element that stood aside from French fashion– the American Indian necklace. Find a way to shine an unexpected light on to your outfit.

Accessories are your best friend.

The necklace wasn’t the only key accessory here. I added a brown belt with a golden buckle along with a classy ring and an elegant pair of shoes. Think about your go-to item and how you can coordinate other aspects from your purse to your shoes to flow with it.

Now that I’ve shared my Paris inspiration with you, I hope you enjoyed this look and feel more confident than ever to style with gold. Have an idea? Don’t forget to tell me what you’d like to see next!

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