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Summer 2017 Back with the Black

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As the buds of summer blossom, we witness warmer days and more relaxed nights! And some spice from that black dress of yours too!

But let’s talk real- we both know that the summers here in London lean more on mild days of the sun’s sizzles and the warmth never exceeds to a point of being fiery.  Although for many, this is a turn-off, almost a demotivation to go to the beach side but for fashion freaks like myself it is not always such a terrible nightmare.

Light summers are not a nightmare?

You want to know why? Because like the diva you are, you can actually embrace and conquer in the shade of darkness that you adore so much!

One of the biggest horrors that I see around is the fact that we feel obligated to dress in all shades of rainbows and neon to vibe to the same frequency as the summers’ rays do. And the funny part is that we end up looking like clowns.

So where do we go then?

Step back from the flow of current and really check out what, where and how you can dress! This summer of 2017, you need to make it back with the black to go around with a bang!

At least for me, black is extremely irresistible. The way it adores your curves and allows you to stand out while blending in is the most exhilarating quality of the color.

The British summers are quite forgiving. With the breezy summer days, mild afternoons of heat and streets full of laughter, what’s better than to put on the black dress that lies crumpled in the corner of your wardrobe and flash around?

I can almost smell your excitement to finally let your body be graced with the elegance and delicacy of your black dress but you can’t just put it on!

So what’s my trick?

Are you ready for some of the life-changing insider information that I’m about to give you? Trust me, your wardrobe game will flip around

Accessories: Any dress is incomplete without accessories. In fact, even if your dress is worth a thousand pounds, your outfit would still look bland if you aren’t aesthetically accessorized.

The trick So here’s the trick, funk up your accessories! Summers do call for some colors and vibrancy. Going all black would only look more modern and less morbid if you funk it up with a splash of color.

See why I look so chic in that picture? It’s because I added a hint of red on my ears to spice up my look of the day.

Shoes: An expensive black dress without a pair of high-class shoes is more in vain than in vogue.

The Trick Purposely mismatch the color of your shoes with your accessories. If you take a closer look at my outfit, my earrings are a bright shade of red but my shoes are a fusion of completely different colors. This brings out the black in your dress and the grace in your style!

So this summer, hit the streets back with the black!

Photos: Gyula Lovaszi

Outfit: dress H&M, coat Zara, earring H&M, bag Chanel, shoes Jollychic,



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