Creating Bohemian Style

22nd June 2017 Creating Bohemian Style

Let’s talk bohemian wedding style!

Creating the bohemian style is fairly easy to achieve and the look suits the summer wedding months.

In London, everybody is waiting for summer festivals and concerts. It is the happiest season of the year.

The Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset happens 22-26 June 2016 is one of the UK’s oldest festivals with secret performances, major artists like Adele, circus performances and more!

There are a ton of other festivals like the Boomtown Fair, Winchester 11-14 August 2016.

This fair is huge, spanning nine districts full of colorful art, music, and theater. It is unique and is home to many non-commercialized musical movements. It would be a fabulous venue to show off your bohemian look!

You have probably seen celebrities weddings like Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, and Kate Bosworth.

Kate Moss loves to create a statement with her bohemian look. Known as boho chic, hippie style and Aesthetic dress, the bohemian style has been an alternative to accepted styles for over 200 years.

After the French Revolution, in France, artists were thrown into poverty and adopted a nomadic lifestyle.

It is developed the bohemian culture that expressed style through dress.

As a counterculture, bohemian dress is threadbare natural fabrics that are loose and flowing. Usually, with long and flowing natural hair.

Last weekend I found the perfect spot for a bohoo weddings Osterley Park.

It is an organic place full of natural wonder. When you are creating a bohemian style you need to look for natural fibers.

Cotton works great for a dress. Oversized gowns is the way to go.

Of course, mixing in some fitted items to accentuate your style also works. You can include a flower pattern into your wedding look.

Do not forget fringe!

Wear your bohemian style and share your best wedding look with me!

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