Rules to Wear Lace Dress

24th August 2017 Rules to Wear Lace Dress

How can you completely own a look on your wedding that you wouldn’t wear in a million years?
I found out during my trip to Milan!

Now, the key to feeling comfortable with something new is to pair it with a piece you feel comfortable in.

For brides to choose the perfect dress is a real challenge especially lace. It has to be rich to give in-off coverage but still has to compliment your figure.

For me, an old white smart jacket does the trick. I’ve had it forever and absolutely love it.

Putting your look together you have to think about your dress first and you adding the rest after! If you find a piece that’s outside your normal comfort zone, simply pair it with an old favorite like I did, something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

You can rock any look as long as you feel right in it.

Experiment on your own, and let me know how it goes!

Did you find a new piece that you never expected to love, something you never thought you’d wear in a million years?

Maybe a sale prompted you to buy something you’ve been up for a while?

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