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Elopement Wedding Islington

Capturing beautiful moments of the Match made in the Heavens

The city of drizzles, luscious greenery and flurry of activity; London’s literary background provides a not-so-surprising proof of how the soil of the city breeds love and unites.

Perhaps due to the incessant commotion that makes this city so lively for some reason, has always spoken to me on my innermost levels, symphonizing along with the tunes of my heart. This is why I absolutely adore shooting for events, particularly the festivities of weddings, when it comes to capturing priceless moments in London.

Not too long ago, a lovely couple whom I hold dearly asked me to shoot as their wedding’s at Islington, Town Hall along with the GLP Image. Unquestionably, I agreed it was a miraculous sight when the two love birds, climbed their way out of a black cab, hand in hand and made their way into the Islington Town Hall. The love, devotion and admiration that filled the air around us every time the couple so much as glanced at one another, cast a spell of daze on me. Overjoyed and overwhelmed by the sanctity of their love, I began shooting memorial pictures on the day of their holy rendezvous.

Videograping for an elopement wedding is an experience of another kind. The couple truly desires one another and is unashamed to show this to the world. Yet, they chose a more private, low-key set up to make sure that this day was all about them. That gave us the perfect prompt! We began by capturing a striking, genuine and unforgettable portrait of the couple right in Islington Town Hall’s vintage window. While the close family and friends admired them from afar, my partner and I clicked naturally aesthetic photos of the elopement wedding, ensuring that the couple would cherish these pictures in the years to come.
A street nearby, adorned with fairy lights and invigorating plantation, served as the perfect background for the elopement wedding stars where we continued with capturing moments of their immaculate love.

The couple then joined their family in the Limeyard for refreshments, leaving all of us awestruck by the grace and genuineness of their affection for one another.

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