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Trendy DIY Cartoon Jeans Skirt

Patch denim has reemerged as one of the coolest fashion trends of the season. 

Reinvent your old jumper

Sometime a jumper loses its appeal after we’ve owned it for a few years. 

How to Really Rock a Skater Dress

Skater dresses were inspired by the free-flowing design of ice-skating costumes and baby-doll dresses of the 1980s. With their waist accentuating the curves on the body, skater dress is the perfect choice for women who need an outfit for a night on the town, or a dress that will accentuate their twirling abilities on the dance floor.

A Key Quality Piece to Create Style

You have days when you don’t want to put the effort to live up to your fashionista image. Then you remember . . . you are a classy girl, so you need a look that is simple and easy to pull together, a basic look that that suits you mood. Yesterday, I found myself in this exact situation as I prepared to visit a dear friend after her painful surgery

Wear the Graphical Trend Even After It’s Finished

Remember all of those bold graphics people were wearing last winter? Everyone was investing in bold tops and dresses with busy designs. While this trend was short-lived, you can still recycle a lot of those graphical tops into playful looks for the summer. Autumn-Winter 2015 may have created the graphical trend, but 2016 is when it will really shine.

How to choose your foundation

Let’s find out how to choose foundation for your complexion.

Spring 2016 Makeup Trends

Photos: Vogue, Harperbazaar

Streets style trendsetters to designer catwalk are already catching on to this Spring’s popular makeup looks.

When in Doubt Wear Red Lipstick

Photos: Vogue

Red lipstick not only makes your lips pop,

Give the ultimate pants….flair trouser

OMG… I love these! The wide leg trouser is the best. I’m a slender, sassy kind of girl. You may say, who wears wide leg trousers anymore? Oh, I do. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the wide leg trouser. They have a certain panache, wouldn’t you say? The look makes me feel sleek and sexy.

What French Girls Know (shhhh … it’s a secret!)

The style of iconic designer Coco Chanel has long been the standard for French chic. Her tweed suits and pearls radiate absolute perfection, no matter what the occasion. So you will not be surprised that the top-secret to dressing like a French girl is to think like Coco herself. Let’s investigate key elements of her approach.

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